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The Battery Industry Alliance will accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading

TIME:2015-08-03 11:06:05


銆銆Transformation and upgrading, as well as vigorously developing emerging industries, have become the main theme of China's current economic development. On November 8th, with full support from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the China Battery Industry Association, Angjia Group, Tianneng Group, and the Zhejiang Battery Industry Association jointly launched the "New Battery Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as the "New Battery Industry Alliance") in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. This alliance brings together more than 30 relevant units in the upstream and downstream industries, including the China Battery Industry Association, Zhejiang Battery Industry Association, Zhejiang University, Aima Electric Vehicle, Yadi Electric Vehicle, etc., to jointly explore the power of the entire industry chain, achieve new breakthroughs in new battery industry technologies, and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading.

銆銆The important feature of this alliance is to establish an effective new mechanism for industry university research cooperation between industrial production enterprises, research institutes, higher education institutions, and upstream and downstream industries.

銆銆It is reported that the New Battery Industry Alliance is mainly aimed at the research and development, production and manufacturing, and technical services of new battery products and process technologies. The members of the alliance jointly develop, complement each other's advantages, share interests, and share risks. They gather their maximum strength to improve the industry's technological innovation ability and core competitiveness, promote the high-end upgrading of the industrial chain and value chain, and win the lead in global new energy competition.

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